Over the years, I’ve had difficult challenges – Losing my wife, foreclosure on my home, almost no cash, business failing, etc.

As you might expect, I felt lost and didn’t know which way to turn or where to find a starting point.

With time, I started with GRATITUDE
I’m grateful for water, much of the world has a shortage.
I’m grateful for air, relatively clean air.
I’m grateful for… a long list once I start the list.
Gratitude changes my attitude; thereafter, I can start thinking again.

My thoughts changed from “What a bad deal I am getting!” to “What do I have to contribute?” to
my new small world.

As to today’s challenges, can we find gratitude?
I’m grateful that I have food and water for today..maybe a week or month.
I’m Grateful that our governments are finally trying to function, that $2 Trillion (2,000,000,000,000) is being allocated to our population in a relatively decent way.
I’m grateful that society received a wakeup call as to the fragility of our world.
I’m grateful for being able to drive without a traffic jam.

Rich Meyer, Author & Blogger

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