The Wall Update

In my previsous post, The Wall, I pointed out that it would only work if Trump could build a 40,000-foot high wall. Recent events have partially confirmed this.

One report has been that of the 4,000 “undesirable” individuals trying to enter the U.S., only seven have

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Is Trump Broke?

Short Answer: YES

The signs have been building since he pledged $5 million to veterans during the Iowa primary. Fortunately, journalists stayed on top of the pledge and found that he had done nothing.

Then came his statement that his assets were $8 billion or $12 billion. I think

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Medical Insurance Insecurity & Increase: Part I

What Happened

In the 60s, medical insurance was a FRINGE benefit, today, it’s a CORE benefit. As a single person in the 60s, the last thing on my list was medical insurance because it represented less than 2% of my overall compensation.

For two years in 1971/2, I was working in the insurance

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Hostages On The Border

Many of us are asking why Trump has chosen to change course for border enforcement after 17 years of asylum. Over the years, people from other countries show up at our border asking for asylum because of political or personal danger within their homelands.

At the border where there are legal

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Social InSecurity For MillennialZ

I was raised as a Republican and supported Barry Goldwater, the father of the Conservative Movement. At the time, the tax that individuals would pay for social security (SS) benefits was about 3% of income. The SS trust fund at the time had a significant surplus, but Goldwater had

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Starve the Beast

Starve The Beast = Starve The Millennials

Chris Mathews, an NBC anchor, has asked from time to time where all the political hatred came from. He should know since he was an aide to Former Speaker of The House, Tip O’Neill, who worked closely with President Ronald Reagan on many issues.  There is no

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