Are We There Yet? Global Warming

“Daddy Daddy, are we there yet?”
“Yes Dear, Wake up the rest of the family. It’s good news! Global warming is here, NOW.”

I’ve been told that the Chinese symbol for ‘crisis’ can have a dual meaning: Trouble or opportunity.

So the question becomes, “where is the opportunity?”

But First, How did we get here? Who’s to blame?

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US & Saudis Joined At The Hip – Part 2

In the late 90s, George Bush 43 was running for president, but he had a few problems; one was that an oil company he mismanaged was headed toward bankruptcy. Low and behold, the Saudis bought the company and provided a profit to the investors.

Then comes the War on Terror with 9/11 – 90+% of the

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U.S. & Saudi: Joined At The Hip Part 1

In the early 1900s, Britain and France managed the transition of the Caliphate in the Middle East. This massive Kingdom was split into various Countries such as Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and others. Divide and Conquer?

Near the end of WW2 (1943), The U.S. was becoming the Sheriff of the

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Hostages On The Border

Many of us are asking why Trump has chosen to change course for border enforcement after 17 years of asylum. Over the years, people from other countries show up at our border asking for asylum because of political or personal danger within their homelands.

At the border where there are legal

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A Story of One of Two Heroines

The Post is a wonderful dramatization of the repeat performance of our so-called-President. The underlying story in The Post was the Vietnam War and the Pentagon Papers. It’s a must-see for the MillennialZ, who generally might have only heard of Watergate and the

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The North Korean Conflict

Near the end of a World War II, (Feb 1945) at the Yalta summit, Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin agreed to a plan to carve up the world… borders were reset, even as far away as South America. Nationalist China and France were part of the victors.

At Potsdam six months later, after Germany had fallen, President

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