Millennials vs. Biden

Guest Post by Leilani Reyes

Is it possible for Biden and Millennials to get along? Millennials and Gen-Zs turned out in record numbers at the polls last year, giving him that extra boost he needed to win the election. However there seems to be quite a bit of remaining discord and distance between them.


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Finance 102: Investment

I first heard of investing from my Dad when I was in high school. I don’t recall any specifics except the idea that you can own a part of a company by buying stock in that company. It was about the time Alaska became a State and I had finished a term paper on

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Our New World

Many of us, including my age group, feel so bad that we didn’t know better or that we failed to see or act on issues of the day. It’s a little like having tickets for the front row of your favorite concert without being able to understand much of the event.

We are in

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Finances 101: Learning About Finances

I was raised in a different time, but the basics are somewhat the same today.

I have young friends that know very little about investing; I suspect that is somewhat intentional of our system: a little like religion in that, “The more we can complicate it, then, only they can un-complicate it.”

In my

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Dealing with Student Debt: A Millennial Perspective

A Guest Post from Leilani Reyes

I am a member of the ill-fated Class of 2020. And I have student debt in quantities I am loath to admit. I began college in 2016 at a private university and now that I have graduated I am looking back at the path I took that’s gotten

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School Loans… Or Enslavement?

In 1960, I went to U of Illinois- mostly because the cost was much less than other options. Little did I know at age 17 that it was, and still is, a world class institution of higher learning. As a resident, tuition was about $100 per semester. Like most of todays students, I worked

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