Infrastructure… If We Build It, They Will Come!


If we build it, they will come… How true this was in the 50s!

We had incremental tax rates of 90%+ for the wealthy; thus, we had money for infrastructure. And how did that work? We built the interstate highway system! Was it “spending” or was it a great investment?

President Eisenhower, a moderate republican, worked with

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Deficits…Funny Money!

During the election of 1980, Ronald Reagan chastised Jimmy Carter for running up a deficit of about $40 billion. Basically, a government deficit consists of borrowing the amount of the deficit and then ‘kicking the can down the road’ for a future generation to clean up.

Within a couple years, Reagan started running up deficits of

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Privatization…Whack a Mole!

Privatization! Drip. Drip. Drip. Another game to steal from our kids.

Often times I drive Southern California roads; and I am always grateful for our historical system of paying a tax on our gasoline to fund this infrastructure— state and federal highways and bridges. The tax which I pay when I buy gasoline is less than

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The Myth (Lie)….Tax Cuts Create Jobs!

Since the 80s, the mantras has been that tax cuts create jobs; the reduced costs of tax will allow employers to hire more workers. But the acid test is, “did it work?”

In the 60s we had an abundance of jobs that paid well; yet, we had a maximum tax bracket of over 90%. 20 years

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I loved the historical aspect, the accomplishment of transporting 400,000 troops that were stranded. The depictions of the horror of war which we too often glamorize. The production crews operated in four countries, a logistical accomplishment.

The aerial dog fights were superb…  with a small error: propellers continue to spin when the engine runs out of 

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History proves that change is a slow process, after more than 230 years, very very slow in many cases. Look back over the course of 230 years it’s evident that it’s can be extremely slow….

When the union was formed, the political bargaining and horse-trading that occurred when apportionment of the population took place was such

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