May 17, 2020


Are we experiencing a new renaissance. Our lives HAVE changed… probably forever. There are so many changes in process most of us never thought of… • Air Travel • Simplicity
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test blog

April 30, 2020

Test Blog

Dear Friends. I need your Help. I have not received the notices of the blogs I send out even though I signed up for my blogs. Many friends have told
Corona Virus Andrew Cuomo
Losing Faith in Government? I had the fortune to view the live presentation today of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on CNN (3/29/20). Being a political junkie, I was humbled
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corona virus
It’s January, the weather is cool, and the New Year is here, your mind focused on what’s in store for the next 12 months. “How will I be different?” “Am
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Toilet Paper The New Coin

March 28, 2020

The New Coin

The new coin of the realm is…TOILET PAPER. If you have TP you’re a big hitter. Did I miss a letter? Oh well. Somehow, civilization was able to function before
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Challenges in Coronavirus World
Over the years, I’ve had difficult challenges – Losing my wife, foreclosure on my home, almost no cash, business failing, etc. As you might expect, I felt lost and didn’t
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