Life as 24 Wheel Spokes

Some years ago, when my friends and I formed a Consciousness Center, we engaged in a variety of areas based on the reading Think and Grow Rich, Sermon on the Mount, Bhagavadgita, Buddha’s Dharmapoda, and more.

Over the years, we developed a method to identify what we desire in life and then review our progress in magnifying and updating those desires. From time to time I share them with friends, and each one loves the concept. I’ll now share mine with you.

One of my mentors had taught me that life can be categorized as an array of spokes that create a wheel. For example, my first wheel had six spokes: material, spiritual, career, health, mental, and social. He then said to define what you might want to be in each category. He also pointed out that if one spoke is longer than the others, the wheel does NOT roll smoothly, i.e., if too materially or too spiritually oriented, we are out of balance. Then he said to review each spoke of the balanced wheel and expand the spokes as desired.

So, I list my spokes along with observational goals. On a regular basis, I review them – sometimes daily, sometimes monthly. And, I “grade” my progress without judgment, just observation. As time unfolds, I find that most of my “spokes” are in balance and have enlarged.


Build Your Spoke Wheel With An Instant Download Sheet: